Business Bootcamp — The Essential Oil Revolution

We stock many Young Living Essential Oils in our store. Please reach out to me by phone , text 561-945-5349 or email Debbiehillyl@ if you have any questions about Young Living products or the business. Each year as Young Living Essential Oils meets the criteria in its contract with the state, it will earn a portion of the total tax credit incentive.

The hype around essential oils and your products would seem more honest if you were not a multi-level marketing vehicle. Showing people how to start living a chemical and toxic free life. Essential oils found in stores are aroma-grade or fragrance-grade oils and while they do smell good, they do not offer the same therapeutic and medicinal benefits as Young Living Oils.

The cheapest way, as communicated to me, was to join YL and get the kit at a reduced price (when looking at per oil”, that price would make the diffuser free”), and I would only be considered a member if I didn't check the box when signing up for monthly product.

I used them to make my own household cleaners, DIY beauty products, and so much more ( check out my tutorials and recipes on how to use essential oils here ). I found that I saved so much money by making my own products AND cut out toxic chemicals lurking in my home.

As a rule of thumb, only opt-in to an MLM opportunity if you truly believe there is real value in the products. I'm just now learning the business side and its starting to grow. In harmony with these efforts, Young Living developed its groundbreaking Seed to Seal® process, which preserves the integrity and potency of essential oils through every step of the production process.

If y'all have been around any amount of time, you know that I am passionate about the oils. Many people will pay the price for a good product because of belief and superior customer service or a company that apologises quickly and tries to make things right.

You've heard the hype about essential oils, now come find out what they're all about at this Essential Oils 101 class. Like all the great network marketing companies Young Living out there, you get paid commissions on all the product sales when you sponsor someone into the business.

It was so much fun & we all learned a little about oils. To more about these products, read up on Young Living Essential oils reviews. Because essential oils are classified as a cosmetic, these companies and products are NOT regulated by the FDA in any other way.

As someone in the medical field, I have to eye-roll about how so many reps promote these oils internally and imply that they will cure disease — I belong to a FB group that makes me cringe every time I see another person describing how rubbing oil on your feet will cure” the flu or prevent a norovirus from taking hold.

This review is about the quality of the products strictly from a marketing perspective. People felt the same way about oils that I did and wanted to save some cash too. I'm a independent consultant for essential oils. With network marketing, if you are in a season where you can't share the oils, you STILL earn a paycheck.

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